Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Security for your Computer- Japanese Style!

The mouse above scans your iris and then you can login to your computer.
Hold the mouse up to eye and the mouse compares the iris to the original iris information stored.

According to the website the recognition takes seconds and is no time nuisance at all. The mouse costs 37,800 yen.

Seems rather excessive for normal home computers, I would rather have one on my USB stick, perhaps that makes me paranoid?

Read more here
Thanks Plastic Bamboo for the tip!


alexgirl said...

That is AWESOME! Very 007.

Samuel said...

Looks interesting although a bit odd,

Jimmy: "Hey Frank check out that guy. What the crap is he doing?"

Frank: "Its like hes trying to see into the future."

Frank and Jimmy gaze at each other and the shrugs their shoulders.

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