Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Children's Day!

May 5th is the celebration of children in Japan. Originally the holiday was known as Boy's Day (Tango no Sekku) but today it is considered a celebration of all children and known as Children's Day (Kodoomo no hi).
It is one of the holidays of Golden Week- a week with a number of holidays and festivals in Japan where many travel and relax.

Girl's Day discussed here is a separate holiday falling on March 3rd. Since the Girl's have their own holiday, many still practice Children's Day with the original traditions from Boy's Day.

Families go outside and fly huge carp-shaped streamers (koinobori pictured above)
and also set out warrior dolls, ornaments and weapons to symbolize the past Japanese heroes-- many boys dress up in these outfits as well.

The warrior dolls from the past are now precious antiques- showcasing the art and design of the different periods.

Find your own Warrior doll on YJ:

Or purchase the Darth Vader Samurai outfit HERE released May 5th in celebration of Boy's Day.

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