Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Darth Vader Meets Samurai Warrior!

The 30 year anniversary of Star Wars is approaching and a dollmaker in Japan has decided to take Darth Vader back to his roots- his Samurai roots.

Darth Vader's original costume was modeled after the Samurai outfits, Yoshitoku has designed a Samurai kabuto (helmet) and yoroi (armor) for the Dark Lord.
A bow and sword replace the infamous lightsaber.

The outfit is 90 centimeters and is made from silk, aluminum and brass.

The store will sell the pieces as a combined set- yoroi, kabuto, bow, sword (330,000 yen) or you can purchase the kabuto with bow and sword separately for 180000 yen.

Only available in Japan at this time, but anyone can preorder from Rinkya Stores.

The items will be officially released on May 5th- Boy's Day in Japan.

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