Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Studio Ghibli News!

Ghibli Channel is an online streaming video show that will include cast interviews, previews on new movies and any Ghibli information the fans will find of interest.

Unfortunately, the viewing of these videos is limited to Japan residents, other IPs are blocked. The good news is Ghibli World (the premier online Ghibli resource webpage) has been granted access and is showing the videos on the website.

The current videos include: an interview with Ghibli Museum director Nakajima Kiyofumi, a report about Studio Ghibli at the Tokyo Anime Fair 2007, Ou to Tori trailer and Haru no Mezame trailer. (from site)

Ou to Tori is "Le Roi et L'Oiseau", an animated film from France by Paul Grimault and Haru no Mezame is Russian Director Aleksandr Petrov's, "The Old Man And The Sea".

We can hardly wait to see a trailer of Miyazaki's newest film- Ponyo On a Cliff to make an appearance- hopefully soon!!

Please visit Ghibli World for the video and more info!

Please visit YJ for your Favorite Studio Ghibli Items:

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