Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Odor Eating Shirts!

The Japanese are not fans of strong scented perfumes and colognes and prefer natural smells; however, they also lack strong body odors that are offensive.

Japanese men, in fact, at one time were exempt from military service if they had a strong body odor and given medical papers to have the problem looked at. (Source)

A survey of young women in Japan, however, challenged this notion when they agreed salaryman, indeed, smell- and not good. And wish something could be done about it.

The Ginza Yamagata men's clothing store may have solved the problem with their popular item- Men's Shirts with built in deodorant! The shirts contain a secret ingredient that conceals and can eliminate body odor completely. Also available are underwear and vests.

The body odor fighting shirts came on the heels of the discovery of Nonenal- a smell unique to anyone over the age of 40- and described as "a greasy, grassy odor" that increases with age. *_*

Shiseido, the cosmetic giant, has a line of products that masks the smell of Nonenal and are quite popular in Japan. The line includes deodarant, shampoos and lotions.

Shiseido Products:

Shiseido Shampoo
Shiseido Cologne
Shiseido Perfume for Women



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