Thursday, January 25, 2007

Be@rbrick New Releases 2007!

The Be@rbrick new releases came out Jan 24th!!!

Some of these Be@rbricks are a very limited run and will sell out quickly!

Try to get your order in and grab one at Rinkya Stores
Use the blog post as your URL and name the one you wish to order!

See our Be@rbrick Series 13 Blog Post to view past releases!
Find Rare ones on YJ from past releases! Be@rbricks on YJ

Do you collect Be@rbricks?

Have an awesome collection you want to share?
Email me at and be featured in a future collector's corner blog post!

Alexander Girard International Love Set (just in time for Valentine's Day!)

X-Girl 400%

X-Girl Strap

Licca-Chan Meets Be@rbrick

Rolling Stones Be@rbrick 100% & 400%

Rize Be@rbrick (also in Pink and Gold)



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