Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rinkya Reviews- Pan in A Can!

Rinkya staff members taste tested two kinds of Pan In A Cans!
Bread life- chocolate cream and muffin "type"
The use of the word "type" to describe is not comforting...

Our taste testers! Happy to oblige our A Rinkya Blog readers!

How many Rinkya staff members does it take to open a small can of muffin?
The muffin type bread life came with a tiny can opener, which apparently was difficult to use!

The trusty "sniff test"

And- they eat!

Chocolate dream review remarks-
"tastes like emergency rations, what you would think it would taste like."
"Chocolate bread was like fake food. It was OK though."

Muffin type review remarks-
"The muffin was actually good, sort of tasted like cornbread."
"Muffin – butter flavor is a little strong, but it’s still good. I would eat it again"

Overall consensus was:
"I would never buy it for myself, but for emergency rations (like earthquake) it is not bad"

There are numerous flavors of the bread available, so stock up your pantries:
Orange, Raisin, Milk, Cream, Strawberry, Honey Lemon, Butter, Blueberry, Vanilla Milk, Green Tea- a special Okinawa series- -Tropical, Purple Yam, and Black Sugar

Only 298 each, if you would like to try! Order via Rinkya Stores!


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