Monday, January 28, 2008

Japanese Manga Writer Wins Guinness World Record

Shotaro Ishinomori posthumously received the Guinness World Record for most comics published by one author.

Ishinomori wrote Cyborg 009, Secret Task Force Goranger (1st Super Sentai series), Skull Man and worked with Osamu Tezuka on Astro Boy. Skull Man eventually became the popular anime Kamen Rider.

Ishinomori Shotaro Complete Comic Works is being sold in 12 sets of 41 or 42 volumes each. The final set is scheduled to be available this November.
Total amount of pages? 128,000

For these items on YJ:
Cyborg 009
Super Sentai
Kamen Rider
Astro Boy

Link via Anime News Network


John Comic said...

Why didn't this award go to Tezuka [150,000 pages]??!!

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