Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dragonball Live Movie Exclusive Pictures!

Hoy Cinema has posted some photos and interviews from the upcoming film, Dragon Ball.

The live action film will star Justin Chatwin as Goku; James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum will play Chi Chi, and Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi.

Akira Toriyama's manga was turned into the popular anime series Dragon Ball. After success in Japan, it was brought to the United States where it gained a huge following on the Cartoon Network.
The movie is based on the King Piccolo Saga, a 21 episode anime production.

Visit Hoy Cinema for the exclusive pictures taken in Mexico during shooting/practice.

For Dragon Ball on YJ



animekid said...

Hey good news because I'm dragonball fan and now I am collecting all episode and to watch pls feel free to visit

adultotona said...

some people should really find out what Hollywood's really up to before they get all excited over this movie and plan to rush to the cinemas.
at least everybody who knows what is really going on and has a brain are boycotting this

Icepikoftime baby said...

your ridiculous i dont ever bag people for there opinions i just read shake my head if i don't agree and move on but wtf dude hollywoods been giving us a variety of good movies based on great iconic storylines and if you think this is gonna be any different you just have doubt about the movie because it took so long to go into production and you lost all faith in it, so now you just dont believe it could be true that a dbz movie is coming out. Now thats the good explanation i'd agree with that one if i were you cause the other one is that you suck have no life and do nothing but sit on the computer posting crappy comments that make you feel important because your such a negative person. your just like a gambler you want the movie to fail so you can look at the people that are positive and have your feel good moment only to have it used as fuel to make another absurd comment like this.

Boom Rallying Cry of the Dragon Slayer just struck all true Dragon Ball fans on the head.

rifler said...

I know a lot of people a fanatical followers of Hollywood to the extent they'll watch and buy any crap it comes out with (eg. FF, DOA, SF and DB), but I never expected someone to be so supportive of Hollywood (without receiving support from Hollywood) to cuss over any criticizm regarding Hollywood movies

icepikoftime said...

first off i'm not cussing i'm making a point to say that Hollywood makes movies its they're job they make crappy ones that noone goes to see and they make good ones that people do go to see and its very ignorent of you or anyone else to talk about them when your just a dude on your couch coming up with bogus conpiracy theories. and FF i assume your refering to Fantastic Four maybe Final Fantasy dont know dont care but some people did like those movies and your calling them fanatics for that? your reply didn't even make since and if you dont like what the movies that are coming out then get a job as a producer. I enjoyed street fighter i watch it everytime it comes on tv almost. never seen dead or alive but i heard it was actually pretty decent, not go out and buy on dvd right away value but watchable. the truth is bad movies have been getting made all the time. its not like hollywood deliberatly makes a bad movie and tells you to go watch it. and i'm not saying that they're aren't sharks in the business either. but these directors and producers do they're absolute best to bring you the content your looking for and how could you throw dragon ball in as one of your examples? maybe you were talking about the crappy one made back in the late 80s maybe early 90's hmm no wait you weren't lol. i trust the words of james marsters myself he says its going to be good so i have faith. my general point is quit bagging movies before they go out when it comes out and you've watched the movie then say what you want about it but how could you criticize if you've never even seen it. i mean come on listen to what your saying if more people were posting on this blog then you'd look like a moron to alotttt of people. btw i dont watch and buy everything that comes out i don't even own but a few dvd's but i will watch anything that interests me and i'm sure noone goes to every movie and gawks over hollywood wooo hollywood noone cares your talking about the 2 percent that are look alike celebrities and crap and perform in vegas what are you talking about noone does that. anyway didnt have high hopes for the movie at first do now hope it turns out great and they make a trilogy if so i will buy the box set peace

Anonymous said...

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Dragon Ball

rifler said...

I really don't agree to some statements thinking that the directors and producers are trying to do the best, unless by doing the best they are referring to doing the best to swindle from the ignorant. And I am definitely sure that this is not what true fans of the series want, either.
Anyway, the live actions back in the 80s and 90s do a better job at respecting and staying true to the original story compared to Hollywood, and I never see the producers of those movies calling what they make the 'official movie'

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