Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Harbor & Squiggly Squirrel Blythe New Releases!

Two brand new Blythe designs go on sale Febuaray 22nd on Blythe website here
Only available to customers in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, so if you are outside that area and want any of the Blythes, order through Rinkya Stores!

Happy Harbor Neo Blythe is a limited edition, she has 4 eye colors that change depending upon where she looks, grey, light green, brown and light blue.
Price: 13,440yen (tax included)

Petite Blythe Squiggly Squirrel is so cute! She comes with both a dress and squirrel outfit!
Price: 2,625yen (tax included)

For Rare Blythe dolls and clothing, check out YJ auctions:
Blythe on YJ


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