Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Kewpies Available!

Visit Applaudir for the newest Kewpies available for preorder now!
For one week only, FREE commission and 500 yen shipping for all you can order each one is only 600 yen! Rinkya Stores Form

Popular characters from Sesame Street, Gatchaman, Astroboy, Lum are available and many more!

Kewpie is a very popular doll in Japan, the doll originated in the US and has a resurgence of popularity in Japan.
In Japan they use the original face of the Kewpie doll and the body depicts popular characters. Cell phone straps, dolls and many more items are available.

The story of the Kewpie is very similar to that of another popular collector's item, Blythe Doll. Blythe, originally created in the US, found popularity again in Japan and all over the world. Perhaps, Kewpie is the next big thing, too!


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