Friday, September 07, 2007

Reminder- Send Your Entries to Our Weird Food Contest!

Thanks for your comments- it IS turtle jelly, Great Job Icie!

Send in your entries for our Japan Weird Food Contest

Win Kit Kat Flavors only available in Japan!!

Submit your entries to

For inspiration, I present this picture:

Unless someone identifies it beforehand (leave your guess in comments), I will tell you what it is Monday!
Of course people who can read Japanese may have a jump on you!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

grass jelly

Sejal said...

Is it seaweed jello???

icie said...

It's not grass's turtle jelly, a Chinese delicacy.

VnZ said...

should be grass jelly ,haha

Laurel said...

Turtle Jelly It is!

Mr Bison said...

Looks pretty weird but is it a weird as the Dog Penis Soup I ate in china?

Anonymous said...

idk what that is. it looks like seaweeeed jello.but i would never eat that cause i knw that would give me the shits. nd ewwww it looks hella nasty.

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