Friday, June 08, 2007

This Week in Hello Kitty Items- More Wacky and Fun Items!

It has been awhile since I have done a Hello Kitty post (skipped the month of May!), the last being the infamous banana holder, so I decided to check Google for the latest offerings and have found some goodies.

Hello Kitty Barbie- two beloved icons join together to create a Barbie dressed in Hello Kitty clad clothing.
Barbie's jacket, belt, bag and necklace are adorned with Hello Kitty.
Hits stores in September. Via

Hello Kitty Fat Monitor- Well I guess if you have to be told you weigh too much, a cute little Kitty from Japan is the way to do it.
The Hello Kitty body fat meter gives you your weight and body fat percentage.
The scale states An Apple a Day...
Available from Tanita Japan

Hello Kitty Laptop- This bright pink laptop is covered in Swarovski crystals. Available only in Japan for approximately $1650 USD. NEC hopes to attract women buyers with the pink crystal laptop. Via
Purchase this one of a kind item through Rinkya Stores

Hello Kitty Items on YJ


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