Monday, June 18, 2007

Rinkya Announces Auto Bid- The Only Auto Bidder for YJ Auctions!

Rinkya- has announced our upgraded version of MyRinkya!
MyRinkya served as your premier auction watchlist program but now can also perform auto bids for your most desired auctions!

Auto bidding allows the user to select the time and date of their bids in advance.

No more staying up late or setting alarms for ungodly auction end times!
Going on vacation? Set your bids up in advance!
Change your mind? You can cancel your auto bid up to 30 seconds before it is placed!

Rinkya has wiped out the distance barrier to Japan auctions, the language barrier and now has eliminated the time difference barrier as well- making bidding on YJ auctions easier than before!

Auto Bid is only available for Rinkya Gold Members, but we are currently accepting members for a free trial upgrade!

Rules and all the legalities...

Auto bids can only be canceled because the bid is not placed on YJ until the programmed time.
Normal bids are placed immediately and canNOT be canceled.
Once a bid is on YJ, you cannot retract.

Some auctions have time extension, auto bids are not recommended for time extension auctions, as it is unknown how long a seller will want to extend time on an auction.

Auto Bids fall under all Rinkya's rules and regulations as determined by our TOS.


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