Monday, June 11, 2012

A Rinkya Blog is Back!

The blog took a long hiatus and we switched to a microblogging platform over at Tumblr  but we have decided to come back to our blog!

The long hiatus was due to the birth of my baby girl last June! In 3 days she will be one year old- time flies!

Here is Kalia with Totoro gifts given to her by the Rinkya Staff:
The Totoro Socks JINGLE! Kalia loves to lie on her back & grab them!

Cutest baby + cutest anime = Too much KAWAII!

So enough about me and more onto the blog....

We will continue to microblog over at Rinkya's Tumblr, so do not forget about us over there, but will have more indepth info on A Rinkya Blog.

Tomorrow I have a small giveaway planned and many more to come, so come back and check us out, we missed you!

Also, feel free to leave comments on how cute my baby girl is =)

You can find the Totoro baby gifts here!


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