Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dragonball Z & Kamen Rider Sodas Taste Review

In Japan, anime and characters are all over every possible piece of merchandise.  Two of our staff members tried the Dragonball Z and Kamen Rider sodas to see if they were any different!

If you like orange soda, then the Dragonball Z flavor is it! Nothing strange or different here- Just delicious orange soda!     However, Kamen Rider soda...

According to our two tasters, Kamen Rider tastes "old"(old show=old taste?) and bitter.  
The actual flavor is called "ramune" which is a lemon & lime flavor, but Kamen Rider fails to achieve that.  When asked if they would recommend to anyone, the answer was "Hell, no"-  both agreed the cans looked awesome!

Want to try one?  We will add it to your next Rinkya shipment*, just comment below, we have a couple left!  Limited supply-  first come, first served!

*If, of course, it is safe to do so! The can will not add any additional cost to any item shipped FedEx, however ship cost for it alone is $$ (cans of soda are heavy!), so will only ship with a current package!


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