Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Variety of Kit Kat Japan Flavors- Wasabi YJ! Auction Item!

Instead of spending a fortune on the same old chocolates this Valentine's Day, why not get a huge lot of Kit Kats from Japan?

Unique flavors found only in Japan! Some are exclusive and limited release in Japan! Wasabi Wasabi Item!!!!

12 Mini Soy Sauce Kit Kats
2 Mochi with Red Beans
2 Ginger Ale
2 Royal Milk Tea
2 Regular Chocolate
2 White
10 Cookie Plus
14 Mini Royal Milk Teas
14 Caramel Pudding
7 (1 bag) of Chooclate & Sweet Potato
15 (1 bag) of Regular Chocolate

For a total of 82 Kit Kat packages, wow, bid now for 4000 yen!!

Candy cannot be shipped to Canada, sorry :(


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