Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Q Pot- Wasabi YJ Auction!

What is Q-Pot?

One of the hottest jewelry designers in Japan!

Taking little sweets, girlish items and making them into a very successful brand who has had collaborations with Disney, Blythe, Fauchon, Haagen-Dazs, and many more!

The Disney Alice series is especially cute and hard to find.

Be the first to bring Q-Pot to your hometown!

Drink Me necklace is normally over $250, you can grab this one on Yahoo at 15,300 yen!!
Drink Me Alice in Wonderland necklace, on auction now!

My fav Q-Pot are the ghosts from Halloween which are very rare!!!
Here is one on auction now!

Rinkya can also order from the online Japan Q-Pot shop for you via Rinkya Stores!


rubykisha said...

i was really hoping to buy the q-pot alice drink me necklace (when i save up...) but now i cant seem to find a link to it on q-pots online shop. does that mean its no longer available for sale?

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