Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rinkya Collector's Corner Barbie Part Two!

6. What is your favorite part of collecting Barbies?
This is easy---IT IS THE HUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is nothing like the high I get when a new dress comes up on yahoojp. The anticipation, bidding, winning and yes, sometimes losing is exciting! The delivery is a big high too, But once opened and stashed it is time to search for the next outfit, for the next high.

7.What is your favorite item you found thru Rinkya and why?

(Pictured above) The blue lace outfit Barbie- doll and outfit found on Rinkya

8. How do you showcase your collection?
My collection is all re boxed, stored on poster board in zip lock bags, NRFB or MIB. Nothing is displayed. Just boxes on shelves. Not much too look at.

9. Do you have any tips for new Barbie collectors?
Get as many books as you can afford and read, read, read. Knowledge in what you collect is VERY important. Talk to long time collectors and talk to other sellers of the same items. Once an un- seen before dress appears on yahoojp, the picture goes out to many. It is discussed much.

10. Are there fakes out there and how do you spot them?

Oh boy--there are many US fakes---it is easy to sew a Mattel tag in a dress. A few years ago some perfect un-used tags were found. I'm sure some ended up in fakes. Even dolls are faked--There are numerous stories about number one Barbies being made from #3's. The Japanese exclusives are faked too. Some of these outfits didn't have a Mattel tag to begin with. In deciding authenticity of these items-look at the snaps-Mattel used certain ones, look at the construction, the way sewn together, the type fabric, the color of the outfit, trims used, ask other collectors and go by the "gut feeling". This goes back to the above question. Get as much knowledge about the items as you can. Sometimes you can just look at a dress and tell if it's real. And, of course, be prepared for the time you are fooled. that will happen.

11. How many dolls/items are in your Barbie collection?

I don't have a huge collection due to the fact I don't display a dressed doll. My favorite doll is the number one barbie. The early had painted eyebrows ones especially. I have 12 number ones. Number 2's and number 3's are next favorites. In all, probably 350 dolls, many hundreds of outfits. And of course Barbie has to have her plane, cars, and houses. I also have some barbie advertisement items used in stores. I have many Japanese exclusive outfits, too. But there are many , many more out there, just waiting with my name on them!!!

Thank you IgeanaG for sharing your collection and your time with us! Have fun HUNTING!!


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