Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rinkya Shipping Samurai Swords!

It has been called the “ultimate edged weapon,” and the “height of the swordsmith’s art.” The Katana or more popularly the Samurai sword is a holy grail for people who are serious about collecting swords and other edged weapons.

The true Katana is made of tamahagane, or jewel steel, made in a unique process from black sand that is vastly different from modern steel production. This special steel is then folded, welded and folded, the finest swords folded as much as sixteen times. From it’s basic design, through special materials, tools and processes, Katanas represent the height of sword making, as well as a refinement of the basic design that has continued through over six centuries.

Paired with the wakizashi, or side arm, a short sword made in the same manner, the combination becomes the daisho , which for a good deal of Japanese history was limited to the Samurai class. The daisho supplanted the bow as the symbol of the Samurai class during the Muromachi period, roughly the late fourteenth century. A dagger, the tanto, made in a similar manner is often added to the daisho.

The Katana is a weapon. In point of fact one of history’s most potent and recognizable weapons, and this, of course, has led to various governments controlling it’s importation, as well as laws in Japan regarding its export.

Rinkya, the premier Japanese internet shopping service, noting the maze of restrictions surrounding this sought after collectible has investigated the situation thoroughly and is ready to assist collectors who want to add the penultimate sword to their collection.

By checking Rinkya’s help desk at and confirming that Rinkya can ship, collectors of edged weaponry can open up the Japanese market, and the path to collecting the “ultimate edged weapon.”

Katanas available on Yahoo!Japan

Katanas available through Rinkya Stores

Obama Weilding a Katana!
Darth Vader Samurai Outfit

Picture shown available on auction here


Anonymous said...

so is the katana the penultimate sword or the ultimate sword? :P

Anonymous said...

The Pen is ultimately mightier than the Sword^_^

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