Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Hello Kitty Car...

I am kind of shocked Japan only made one of these!

The car is COMPLETELY pink, decorated with ribbon logos & Hello Kitty graphics and the headrests are shaped like Hello Kitty's head.

The car sold for approximately 18,000 USD and a portion of proceeds went to UNICEF.

Mitsubishi is the creator of this masterpiece or eyesore depending upon which side you err on.

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Via GeekSugar


Micha said...

I love the shape..and the paint job isn't bad at all. And a lot more subtle than the pokemon cars.
I think it's rather cute.
But then again...I might be biased. I drive a kittenbus. >^-^<

So they haven't built a Hello Kitty dream house yet have they?

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