Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Japanese Curry Rice Championship 2013 Kick-off!

Hungry for hearty, delicious Japanese-style curry rice? 
Curry rice is one of the most popular food among Japanese people. 
Let's see how hungry you really are with Go Go Curry's eating contest

From February 25th, popular Kanazawa-style curry chain restaurants Go Go Curry kicked off its annual curry eating contest. The rule is simple, whoever finishes two plates of curry rice and yelled "Go Go Curry!" at the end in shortest time  will be the winner. Four selected winners from Japan will be invited to New York, where Go Go Curry US branches are located, to compete in its world championship. 

For people who just want to enjoy the taste of curry without rushing, check out Yahoo Japan Auction to try some authentic Japanese-style curry and related products. 

Here's a video of a couple of contestants who finished their challenges in 2:43 and 4:29.  
Japanese can eat when they are committed!


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