Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mega Teriyaki McDonald's in Japan Review!

I`m not one to frequent Mcdonald’s, I refuse eating Mcdonald’s in the states, due to the fact they probably add 4 pounds of pig feet lard, while employees take sensual bubble baths in the sinks.  Fast food in America is well, fast & there`s at least 5 different ones on every corner.  In Japan, there is a Mcdonald’s at every station. 
All the good stuff, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell (air force base) Wendys (No longer present in Japan *cry*) are generally far from where I live.  Most are located in popular towns/cities. Unless you want to spend half your day on trains/ getting fast food slowly, the majority of us are stuck with Mcdonald’s. 
Of course this depends where you live. Even so, you still don`t have much to choose from. Japanese food is great, and you`re probably wondering why the heck anyone would eat Mcdonald’s in Japan. Point taken.

For one thing, most of Mcdonald’s resturants are open 24/7.  Even when the earthquake hit Japan, Mcdonald’s was still frying hamburgers, open 24 hours. 
Hail Mcdonald’s in time of dire situations. 
Mcdonald’s tastes 100% percent better in Japan than in the states, and it is fresh. I`d say it`s more healthy as well, due to no extra additives or chemicals such as pee or mucus. (God bless New York).  It is cheaper than any other food in Japan. 
There`s also spiffy new promotional hamburgers or chicken burgers every month or so. 
Free toys don’t come with only happy meals anymore- Buy a set, receive a Pokemon toy- The adult happy meal.

 You don`t want to make it a habit to go to Mcdonald’s in Japan, because it`s really noticeable if you gain weight. Japanese friends will not shy away from telling you so either; they will say “Hey buddy looks like you gained some weight there in your face."

Mega Teriyaki Wrapped Up

Mcdonald’s is a sociable place in Japan. You can get away with taking your date there if you`re low on cash. The girls won`t mind. Just say it is part of your culture.  Call it your neighborhood Mr Rogers.  
I know I might be a bit out of touch on if America has improved it`s indoors, but I`d rather drive through in America than sit inside. 
Who really wants to be shot, or mugged while eating a Big Mac or worse a quarter pounder with cheese, the burger where you have to poo halfway through it. Imagine that at gun point. Japan only has drive thrus outside of Tokyo. 

Anyway… I write this blog today because I tried one of their new promotional Burgers. Mega Teriyaki- a sausage burger.  A burger drenched in teriyaki sauce & mayo with a chunk of cheese at the bottom layer.  The burger itself is a bit messy if you are not careful.  It provides an outer box pictured below. (which is fairly useless cause it was all over my shirt).    I would not recommend if you are not a Teriyaki fan (hence the name), because there is a strong taste of that mixed in a bunch of mayo.  My sweet washlet Japanese toilet is going to be busy tonight. I don`t want to insult because I am truly grateful Mcdonald’s does these promotions.  This was quite a miss though. 

Ingredients -
2 Sausage Patties
Cheddar Cheese
Teriyaki Sauce

920 Calories alone.

Cost - I bought a set at 710yen. So I believe it`s somewhere around 400yen for just the burger itself which is around $5 or so. 


Anonymous said...

Is there any food in Japan without Mayo? That is truly a disgusting burger. Makes we want to poo looking at the photos. Thanks for the warning!!

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