Tuesday, March 08, 2011

White Curry Chocolate for White Day!

White Day is March 14th in Japan and is when the women finally get the gifts and chocolate.  Valentine's Day in Japan is when women give chocolate to the special men in their life.

For the upcoming White Day, an interesting chocolate has been introduced:

White Curry Chocolate.... sounds....   delicious?

It is described as having a spicy and slight sweet flavor.

Unfortunately, can only be found in the city of Yokosuka for now, but if we find it, we will feature on Rinkya Stores!

In the meantime you can always get your fill of different chocolate in Japan by visiting our Kit Kat Store for Soy sauce kit kats, wasabi kit kat and more!


sa-chan said...

I've just tasted wasabi kitkat. it's so yummy! a bit minty. love it :) great to see u're selling it!

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