Friday, February 04, 2011

ThunderCats New Series Pics- SNARF!

The upcoming rebooted Thundercats is expected to premiere on Cartoon Network later this year.  The new animated series is produced by Studio 4°C.

The characters are definitely given a more "anime" look:

Are you looking forward to the new series?  And what do you think of the new look?


Nanny Tran said...

um since i dont know how to personally message you guys, im just gonna type here.

so first of all i subscribed/followed you guys here on blogspot because i loved your blog and as soon as i sub/followed the "tokyo japan times" would show up on my new updates as you guys. i wanted updates from "a rinkya" not "tokyo japan times". and honestly i dont know how to fix it or if its like that forever. can you guys tell me whats wrong or what to do about this? cause id rather read your blog then the tokyo japan times in my opinion.

Laurel said...


Are you following the feed via feedburner? feed://
We will look into it, as their posts should not come up in our feed.
Thank you!

Nanny Tran said...


I waited a while to see what would happen and still nothing. What I did was copy and pasted your blog link <-- I put that where it says "ADD" or "MANAGE" so I could get your updates. I actually don't know how to do the feedburner thing, I just go by the "blogspot way". So I really don't know what I'm still supposed to do. :\

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