Thursday, August 19, 2010

Comiket 78 YJ! Auction Links!

Comiket 78 (Comic Market) took place over the past weekend in Tokyo Japan.

Comiket showcases and sells self published comics, otherwise known as doujinshi- featuring manga, anime, video games and more. Other anime and mange items are sold as well.

We know most of you cannot make it all the way to Japan to attend this exclusive event, so we have gathered the YJ auction links selling many items that were sold at Comiket!!

Comiket 78
Comiket General

Even better? Take advantage of our Doujinshi sale for these items!
1. ZERO handling fee on ALL doujinshi!!!! (Savings of $15!!!)
2. Only $4 Handling fee on Sale price Doujinshi. (Doujinshi 1000 yen and under, you still get FREE commission!!)
3. Combining same seller for $4 handling fee!!!!!! (only on auctions won the same day).

Exclusive rare doujinshi and great sale prices- whew hoo!


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