Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Reusable Maxi Pads Make Me Doubt My Ability to Go Green!

Reusable maxi pads have made an appearance before, but this being Japan, a multitude of designs and colors are available- hearts, stars, plaids and many more!!

I definitely have a commitment in my lifestyle to be as green as possible, but reusable maxi pads may be a sacrifice I am unable to make.

These packets come with detergent as well, so use and re-wash.
Be environmentally friendly with the many colors and designs available, including the cute Alice in Wonderland one seen above!

Product Page

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Aunia Kahn said...

I have converted, have been doing it for 10 years and I would never go back. Cleaner, comfortable and easy to do...its worth it!

Coligny said...

Cleaner !!?? What is exactly your definition of clean ?
Easy to do !?... sure blood is my favorite stain to get rid of... just 2 cans of WD40 and it's gone...
Mix this with the complete uselessness of japanese washing machines and you will enjoy pandemic sized number of vaginal infections...

Honestly, I don't care, my family is in the ob/gyn business and that means more moolah... And dem' new Benz look mighty schweet...
But green don't mean going back to stone age... And it's not because a maker tell you it's green that you have to blindly buy it. I think I saw "we love the planet" stickers on a Toyota Hilux yesterday at the dealership... sur the car love the planet... from all his V8 engine pistons...
(Blame Taro from 3yens if I'm now on your blog...)

Zellie said...

I prefer my diva cup ;) Cloth is for just-in-case. I prefer it by far. Hated the cost/waste/discomfort of disposables.

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