Friday, November 30, 2007

Fill Your Stockings With Japanese Candy- Available from Rinkya!

Just in time for Christmas, Rinkya is selling Japanese "Okashi" (candy) Grab Bags!

The entire selection can be found here Each grab bag will contain approximately 6 candies! The ingredients are listed on the page, and as you can see some ingredients definitely fall into the weird japan food category.

The candies are perfect for stocking stuffers or games with your friends- Wrap each candy in wrapping paper, number them in sequential order, challenge whomever you give them to and the person challenged has to finish the one they open before they can open up the next one. There are yummy ones and gross tasting ones, so be sure to record their expressions while eating!

These candies are nostalgic in Japan- most are dime store candies from years past.

Each grab bag is $10 and you can order on our ship request form here

Soy, egg, dairy, nuts and fish are in candies, so please read the ingredients page before ordering, if you have allergies!


Anonymous said...

Bookmarked this. Thank you for sharing. Unequivocally worth my time.

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